Rabi Thapa is a writer and editor based in Kathmandu and London. He is the author of Thamel, Dark Star of Kathmandu (Speaking Tiger, 2016) and the short story collection Nothing to Declare (Penguin India, 2011), and the Editor of the literary magazine La.Lit (www.lalitmag.com). His work has appeared in the anthologies House of Snow (Head of Zeus, 2016), Himalaya (Speaking Tiger, 2016), Alchemy (Westland Books, 2011), as well as Outside Online, Indian Quarterly, The National, Himal Southasia, The Sunday Guardian, Mumbai Mirror, Profil, Live Mint and La.Lit. He is working on a book on the environment.

Dark Star of Kathmandu is a moody, elegant portrait of an emblematic neighbourhood as it has changed through time to arrive at its current complex manifestation. Rabi Thapa’s writing is fresh and evocative. This is a richly storied book, and one that captures the energy and verve of contemporary Kathmandu. – Manjushree Thapa

Thamel, Dark Star of Kathmandu

The collection seems to document Kathmandu, not in an attempt to hold onto the past, but in an attempt to collect and understand it for future and present generations … Nothing to Declare is an important step for Nepali literature in English. – Stuart McCarthy

Nothing to Declare